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    Is one of the leading companies in buying clothes from people in Glasgow. We have 2 schemes that we are working on. 1st - door to door collections, when driver comes to your home (50p/kg), 2nd- when you bring your clothes to our branch. We are doing door to door collections in whole Glasgow and arround, so if you got our leaflet to your letterbox - you can book a collection for the day shown on the leaflet, and our driver will come to your home.

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    You can find us at:

    • Unit 9, Cotton street
    • G40 4HU
    • Dalmarnock
    • Glasgow

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    • Call us on: 01708 689 984
    • Text us your full adress to 075 1403 0630
    • E-mail to

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    • Tel.: 01708 680 718
    • Fax: 01708 680 670
    • E-mail: (book a collection)
    • E-mail:

    Fund raising

    • Maybe you would like to organise a collection for village hall, local church , school, youth club or any other event in your area and we can pay them. The money you get can be used to help run your youth club, buy equipment, fund anything else you decide.
    • For more info please contact us.

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